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Amazon Aurora Interview questions

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Amazon Aurora the mysql compatible most recently postgres compatibility in preview stage is the product from amazon corporation. Amazon web services has been pioneer to come up with services that help deploy databases in the cloud. Amazon Aurora Interview questions will help you be prepared to clear your upcoming database migration related job roles at AWS
1) What is amazon aurora?
Amazon aurora is the enterprise class database from AWS. AWS business model is targeting more towards migrating current enterprise grade databases like oracle, sql server onto open source coutnerparts like mysql, mariaDB, postgressql to name a few. As such AWS has adopted mysql code and have come up with their version of Amazon aurora that is mysql compatible. Currently a preview edition of aurora that is postgres compatible is in place
2) What is the need to think about amazon aurora?
This is a open source database that offers all the benefits of enterprise grade database as per AWS. Aurora off-loads much of dba work like o/s patching, database patching, performance tuning, backups, restore and recovery as all of these will be taken care of by AWS aurora team. All that is needed is application performance tuning
3) Can I migrate my oracle or sql server database to amazon aurora?
Yes. Make use of schema conversion tool to determine if current schema is compatible with target aurora database. Based on the assessment report if you think the database schema can be migrated make use of database migration service aka DMS in AWS to perform database migration
4) Can AWS aurora support databases migrated from EC2 environment?
Yes the Database migration service DMS can assist with migration of databases like oracle, sql server etc onto AWS aurora. The source databases can be hosted in EC2 environment, in-house datacenter etc
5) What is unique advantage of using schema conversion tool?
This is a free tool that is used to create a assessment report on what could be the impact if the source database can be converted to target database that can be open-source databases like mysql, postgres, AWS developed aurora etc. This tool takes into consideration all the source database objects like tables, indexes, views, synonyms, triggers, procedures, functions etc. In a simple case the SCT tool will determine if the soruce database table datatypes are all supported in destination database. If not this is a first-hand report a development head can make use of to determine if the migration project is feasible and needed
6) Why should enterprises think about migrating from stable, enterprise class databases like oracle sql server onto open source databases?
Personally speaking I’ve known mysql database from the beginning of my career. It has evolved and grown as stable robust database supporting terabytes, supporting major features of oracle. This database is a open source database that has no licensing constraints. The prime think enterprises think of is to cut cost on licensing option that is costly with enterprise grade databases. AWS aurora is mysql compatible and works on pay as you go model. Henceforth, this cloud database could be the future of open source cloud supported databases
7) What is the unique benefit of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition?
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition offers comparability with PostgreSQL the open source database that has been in development for the past 20 years. This is widely accepted by startups and enterprises owing to many of its interesting features including geospatial objects like postgis the spatial database extender for PostgreSQL
Now , coming to the amazon aurora postgresql-compatible edition this offers all of the benefits of normal postgresql database including high durability, high availability, and the ability to quickly create and deploy read replicas with more improvised features
7.1) Performance of aurora postgreSQL-compatible edition is two times traditional PostgreSQL databases
7.2) Compatible with version 9.6.1 of postgreSQL
7.3) Fully cloud hosted database supported all AWS features
7.4) Can make use of schema migration tool for database migration
8) How does amazon rds provide administration for amazon aurora?
Routine database administration tasks needed for amazon aurora are handled by amazon RDS. The routine tasks include provisioning, patching, backup, recovery, failure detection, repair
9) Is there a simple solution in amazon RDS that converts mysql applications to amazon aurora?
Yes. Amazon RDS offers push-button tools that make this process simple
10) What is an amazon aurora DB cluster?
An amazon aurora db cluster is a relational database from amazon that does run in AWS cloud. It is a fully-managed, MySQL-compatible, RDBMS in AWS cloud

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