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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2018 Exam Blue Print

AWS certified solutions architect associate exam has undergone evolution and new exam is available from 2018 onwards. This eam has emerged from beta phase onto full version. Let us see some details on this latest exam blue print
1) This exam comprises of 60 questions. The questions are going to be scenario based questions that will test the real-time understanding of AWS. These questions are going to be multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. The number of answers to choose can be one (or) many. If there is a need to choose certain numbers, choose all that apply this is specified as part of question
2) This is a 2 hour 10 minute long exam (about 130 minutes in length)
3) Exam score range is from 100 to 1000. The pass score is 720 (Same as old exam roughly 70% is the pass score)
4) The validity of this exam is 2 years. Once you pass this exam this AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate credential is valid for 2 years
5) This exam can be scheduled online from amazon link
6) Exam is available in many different languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
7) Exam registration fee is $150