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Google App Engine major Advantages

Google App engine is the cloud computing solution from Google Inc. We’ll be listing the major advantages of using a google app engine
1) Scalability – An application is said to be scalable if there is no degradation in performance irrespective of the change in traffic pattern. This is very crucial while we deploy a web application (website) whose traffic is unpredictable in real-time. It is the performance of the website(speed at which it loads) at its first visit which determines the future user visits. Traffic is crucial for many business. Many organizations SEO experts to pull traffic. So, retaining traffic is equally important as generating new traffic. Google App Engine provides scalability
2) High Availability – Users never allow websites to be down. If it is a service oriented website such as online banking site, users will be upset. If it is a content based website, again users expect it to be up and running all the time(NEWS websites etc). High availability is very important for business success. While using Google App Engine, this is taken care of by Google Data center. Business owners need not have to worry about server crash, downtime problems(intentional downtime due to weekend maintenance work like patching servers, upgradation, deploying new application versions etc and unintentional downtimes). So hosting websites in Google App Engine ensures high availability