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Google Cloud Shell First Login Experience

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With advent of cloud, technology war going high between AWS from amazon versus google cloud platform popularly called GCP from giant google I wanted to explore both the platforms in parallel. As a first experience I created my GCP account for free now
1) Logged into Gmail
2) Launched google cloud and created an account that is free
3) I’ve provided details on my credit card. The page said once free trial ends there will not be any automated charge on billing. I believe once I surpass free billing limits I might be getting warning email from google before they make a decision to delete my resources. I hope to continue with google and blog more details on my experience with you all
4) As a starting free credit I could see $300 in my billing account
5) In the top panel I found a little icon that said google shell. Once I clicked on that icon it did open a pop-up that read this is debian based linux OS. I activated that and tried some linux commands. I remember good old days wherein I was strugglign with fedora core installation configuring dual boot in my laptop. It was in november 2007. After that comes ubuntu that can be launched as desktop app from within windows somewhere around 2010 if my memory holds good. Now, it is cloud nine to know that linux has been made a thin client and can be accessed via web views for free. All it needs is a gmail account which is 100 free. Here are some commands I tried in google shell today. My default project has been given name elaborate-howl-178922. Here is how it goes