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HL7 Message Interview Questions

1) In the segment attribute tables what information is provided in the column labeled OPT?
Whether the field is required, optional, or conditional in a segment
2) When a datatype contains more than one component, its components are separated by what separator? Which is defined in the MSH-2 field of each message instance?
Using component separator
3) The ADT message type is used to transmit information related to patients. What does ADT represent?
Admission, discharge, transfer
4) Can a trigger event be associated with more than one message type?
A message type can always be associated with more than one trigger event
5) Which segment is used for sending notes and comments
Using segment NTE
6) With which systems can we make use of HL7 though it is not explicity supported by HL7?
a) store and forward
b) Internal broadcast
c) data broadcast facilities
7) In MSH segment what does the field MSH-9 represent?
MSH-9 field contains message type, trigger event, message structure ID
8) In MSH segment what does the field MSH-5 represent?
It represent Receiving application
9) Which message segment is used to determine whether to process the message as defined in HL7 rules?
It is the MSH-11 the processing ID that does take care of this
10) When square brackets appear around the name of a segment [](or around a group of segment names) what does this mean?
It means that segment or group is optional
11) What does an abstract message definition include?
Interrelationship and format
12) What message constituents can be changed as per HL7 version compatibility rules?
a) optionality of message constituent
b) repetability of message constituent
13) Does HL7 confirm to ISO elements?
HL7 does not confirm to ISO defined elements of the OSI seventh level
14) What are the different network architectures used to run HL7?
HL7 can be run on different network architecture such as DECNET, SNA and TCP/IP
15) Does HL7 address transmission errors?
HL7 standard address how transmission errors should be dealt with
16) What does 7 in HL7 represent?
The 7 in HL7 refers to the seven-layered Open System Interconnection (OSI) model
17) In the segment attribute tables what information is provided in the column labeled LEN?
Maximum number of characters that one occurrence of the datafield may occupy
18) What datatype is the following field |^500^-^600| ?
The datatype is SN structured numeric
19) Which datatype allows for the transmission of an identifier, check digit, identifier type and assigning facility ,having ten components?
This is datatype CX extended composite ID with check digit
20) Which escape sequence represents sub-component separator?
It is represented by the escape sequence T
21) What acknowledgement code should a system return as an accept acknowledgement if the message cannot be accepted because of a sequence number error?
Making use of acknowledgement code CE
22) In ERR segment what does the field ERR-5 represent?
It represents Application error code
23) What are the communication environment capabilities assumed by HL7 standard?
a) Error free transmission
b) Character conversion
c) Message length
d) Secured Network area
23) Which healthcare application areas are included as part of the HL7 environment?
a. Patient administration
b. Order Entry
c. Financial Management
d. Observation Reporting
e. Master files and indexes
24) For primitive point-to-point connectivity what is mode of transfer of HL7 messages?
It is transmitted using RS-232
25) What best explains HL7 table?
HL7 table is a set of values defined and published by HL7
26) What does Batch trailer segment aka BTS represent?
BTS represents the end of batch
27) What is the name of atomic unit of data transferred between HL7 systems?
It is called as message
28) Give the meaning of escape sequences E,F,S :-
E – escape separator; F – field separator; S- component separator
29) What is scheduling transaction set?
Scheduling transaction set is defined using request, query and unsolicited transaction messages
30) In the segment attributes table of the HL7 standard which is not a possible designation of optionality for a field within a segment?
Z is associated with some trigger event or some other fields. Hence the Z is user defined
31) Using the default encoding what should be at the end of each HL7 segment?
ASCII character 13 the carriage return
32) In BSH segment what does the field BSH-5 represent?
It represents Batch receiving application
33) What is the datatype used to transmit DICOM image?
A DICOM image could be transmitted in an element of the ED Encapsulated Data datatype
34) What is an unsolicited message?
An unsolicited message is a transaction that is generated by some type of event that occurred at a semi-random time, and was not solicited by receiver
35) What is a trigger event?
A trigger event specifies the context of a certain transaction , in many cases the reason for being
36) If the field definition calls for a field to be broken into components what rules are used?
a) If more than one component is included they are separated by the component separator
b) Components that are present but null are represented by the characters “”
c) Components that are not present at the end of a field need not be represented by component separators
37) In HL7 conformance what degree of optionality does an implementable profile allow within message content?
An implementable profile eliminates all optionality
38) How is a continuation pointer segment represented?
It is represented using DSC
39) With the positive accept acknowledgement is there a need to resend message?
No need to resend message
40) What is the scope of HL7?
HL7 covers scope of message between application systems starting with message specification, proper communication environment in form of network, talking of systems using triggering events
41) In ERR segment what does the field ERR-2 represent?
It represents the error location
42) Give details on HL7 datatype Hierarchic designator (HD)?
a) The HD enables the transmission of information for any site to act as an assigning authority(on a local or user-defined basis) even if it technically does not have the right to issue new ID’s within an identification scheme
b) HDS which have defined third components(defined UID types) must contain a value in the second component that is unique within the series of ID’s defined by the third component
43) Give some details of designations of optionality in HL7 :-
a) R- Required
b) O – Optional
c) C- conditional on the trigger event or on some other fields
d) B – left in for backward compatibility with previous versions of HL7
44) What are ADT trigger events concerned with?
a) Single objects such as admit event that creates a message that contains data about a single person/account
b) Relationships between more than one object like merge event that specifies patient or account merges
c) collection of objects that may have no specific interrelationships (eg. A record oriented location-based query, whose response contain data about a collection of inpatients who are related temporarily by local geography)
45) What is true regarding maximum length of a field in HL7?
a) The maximum length of the data field shall be expressed as a number
b) If the maximum length needs to convey the notion of a very large number, the number 65536 should be displayed to alert the user
46) Give details on trigger events in HL7 :-
a) One to many relationship exist between message 7 trigger event
b) More than one trigger event may be associated with a message
c) Trigger events are allowed at several different levels of data granularity and inter-relationships
47) Name the environments that supports robust transport level but do not meet high level requirements :-
48) What Trigger event should be used to transmit the opening of an account, when accounts start and end date span a period greater than any particular visit or to create a new account without notifying of patients arrival?
Make use of trigger event P01
49) What is the use of segment fragmentation/continuation using the ADD segment?
a) The segment being continued is ended at an arbitary character position and terminated with the standard segment terminator(carriage return)
b) The following segment is the ADD segment. All characters after the ADD and field separator(“|”) are logically part of the preceding segment. All succeeding consecutive ADD segments contribute characters to the ANY segment until a non ADD segment is found
c) Unless some explicit agreement exists between systems, a receiving application should not infer semantic meaning from the placement of the ADD segment
50) What are the parts of a message?
a) element
b) component
c) field
51) In the segment attributes table of the HL7 standard which are all possible designation of optionality for a field within a segment?
a) R – required
b) B – left for the sake of backward compatibility with previous version of HL7
c) O – Optional
d) C – conditional. Associated with some trigger event or some other fields
52) In the segment attributes table of the HL7 standard which are all possible designation of mandatory for a field within a segment?
Z – This is user defined
53) Which datatypes are provided by the HL7 for the purpose of transmitting date and time information?
i. DT
ii. TM
iii. DR
54) What is TS?
The two-component datatype that combines the representations of DT and TM , allows precision to be represented explicitly is known as TS
55) What is purpose of user authentication credential segment (UAC)?
a) Provides user authentication credentials
b) A kerberos service ticket, SAML assertion
56) Which datatype is a single component that allows a 4-digit year and optional 2-digit month and further optional 2-digit day?
DT – It is the data data type that offers this flexibility
57) Which segment provides additional information about the software products used as a Sending Application?
58) Which datatype allows the transmission of a controlled vocabulary value as either a code or an identifier?
Using datatype HD
59) Which datatype is used in fields that contain character data and display markup?
TX – Text datatype
60) What does a HL7 communication environment provide?
HL7 standard assumes communications environment will provide
a.error free transmission
b.character set conversion
61) What are Master files in a HL7 environemnt?
The set of common reference files that exist in an open-architecture healthcare environment that are being used by one or more application systems
62) What is the purpose of using a DSC continuation pointer segment ?
a) QRY/DSR – original mode display query- immediate response (event Q01)
b) QRY/QCK – deferred query (event Q02)
c) DSR/ACK – deferred response to a query (event Q03)
d) ADT/ACK – register a patient(event A04)
e) UDM/ACK – unsolicited display update message (event Q05)
63) Give some details on HL7 fields :-
a) A field is a string of characters
b) When fields are transmitted, they are sent as character strings
c) A field may exist as populated,non-populated,null state
64) Upon receipt of a message, when original acknowledgement rules are used, the protocol software in the responding system validates it against what all criteria?
a) The value in message type is one that is acceptable to the receiver
b) The value in msh-12 version id is acceptable to the receiver
c) The value in msh-11 processing id is appropriate for the application process handling the message
65) What is true regarding the maximum length of field in HL7?
a) The maximum length of datafield shall be expressed as number
b) If the maximum length needs to convey the notion of a very large number, the number 65536 should be displayed to alert the user
66) What is true about message construction using standard HL7 encoding rules?
a) segments must be constructed in the order defined for the message
b) the first three characters of the segment must be segment ID code
c) the MSH can redefine the segment terminator
67) What datatype is used for transmitting coded values in a single component from user-defined tables?
Using datatype IS
68) Which character is suggested HL7 sub-component separator?
Make use of &
69) Which is suggested HL7 component separator?
Using ^
70) Which character is the suggested HL7 escape characters?
Using \
71) What is the use of MSH-9?
MSH-9 is used by receiving system for recognize data segments, recognizes application to which the message needs to be routed