IBM Filenet P8 ECM Administrator Jobs

IBM Filenet P8 administrator will be vested with administering the enterprise content management and will have to perform the following job duties in an enterprise
1) Install/Upgrade FileNet P8 Components
2) Apply Patches onto Filenet P8 components
3) Perform Bug fixes
4) Perform Import/Export of Objects using Filenet provided scripts
5) IBM Filenet is heavily XML dependent and should be knowledgable to perform XML Read/Edit
6) Configure, Maintain and Support Content Engine including the following tasks – Object Stores, Doc classes, Documents, Properties, Choice List, Indexes, Folders, Content Search Engine
7) Should be able to interpret and write CBR Queries (SQL flavoured language theat Filenet can understand)
8) Should know how to configure Storage Areas, Storage Policies, Fixed Content Devices
9) Must be able to set Events, Subscriptions, Actions, Code Modules
10) Should perform bulk Operations like Search and Update
11) Should be able to perform admin tasks including Object Default Security, Inherited Security, Owner and Authorization
12) Configure, Maintain and Support Application Engine including: Site Preferences, Access Roles, Component Manager, Workplace, Workplace XT, Search Templates, Entry Templates
13) Configure, Maintain and Support P8 System Dashboard and P8 Usage Reporter including: Cluster, Hosts, Servers, Alerts, Reports – Users and Usages
Certification Preference : As this is a product niche most employers prefer Filenet P8 certified candidates for admin as well as architect roles for configuring, maintaining and managing ECM at site