Netbackup Interview Question Answer

1) A database administrator requires that a custom script be executed prior to the
backup of the database. This custom script requires approximately 20 minutes to
execute. Which two configuration options must be modified to allow this operation in a veritas netbackup environment?
2) Which NetBackup process is responsible for volume recognition on a media server?
3) What options can be used to expire physical media in a veritas netbackup environment?
date, change of the backup retention level
4) Which command can unfreeze a tape with the media 10 of ABC123 in netbackup?
bpmedia -unfreeze -m ABC123
5) What is required for a SSO to work in netbackup environment?
A SAN is required for SSO to work
6) Which netbackup commands can be used to check and update the volume configuration?
vmchange, vmupdate
7) A new policy has been created with Full and Incremental schedules. The volume
pool has been configured and named Pool A. The Incremental schedule is using the
tapes out of the Full volume pool, not the DailyVolume pool. What can be done to have the Incremental schedule use the PoolA volume pool?
Policy> Schedules> Incremental> Attributes> Override policy volume pool> PoolA
8) Which veritas netbackup command can be used to bring a down drive to an UP state?
9) Which factors can determine the number of data streams that can run concurrently? 
Multiplexing setting, MAX STREAMS setting, maximum jobs per client setting
10) Which methods automate notification about the status of all backups in veritas netbackup environment?
Modify backup_exit_notlfy.cmd for e-mail notification, Set the e-mail address in host properties
11) What is the appropriate sequence of steps needed to properly implement the VxVM Snapshot Method?
Here are the sequence of steps needed to implement VxVM snapshot :
11.1) Invoke VxVM to establish snap mirror prior to backup
11.2) Perform the backup from the snapshot volume
11.3) After the backup has been completed, invoke VxVM to re-synchronize the snap mirror
12) What is the use of commands vmcheck, bpupdate, vmcheckxxx ?
vmcheck is used to check backup created, bpupdate is used to is used to update the timing and such properties of backup, vmcheckxxx is used to check a backup piece based on timestamp