Oracle hyperion essbase Interview Questions

1) During a CALC ALL or CALC DIM process, Analytic Services calculates sparse and dense
dimensions in a specific sequence. What makes the default calculation sequence so efficient?
Analytic Services calculates interior block calculations in existing blocks before creating more
data blocks making this calculation performance efficient
2) Does Analytic Services creates all possible data blocks before calculating accounts data for efficient performance?
Nope. Analytic Services calculates interior block calculations in existing blocks before creating more data blocks making this calculation performance efficient
3) Does Analytic Services creates data blocks in top-down order for efficient performance?
Nope. Analytic Services calculates interior block calculations in existing blocks before creating more data blocks making this calculation performance efficient
4) What statistics are available in the Database Properties dialog box?
Block density, Existing upper-level blocks, Block size
5) Which options are available to manipulate fields in Data Prep Editor?
Join, Move, and Split
6) Can the options Create using text, Delete, and Move used to manipulate fields in Data Prep Editor?
7) Will the options Create using join, Split, and Copy be used to manipulate fields in Data Prep Editor?
8) Does Generation 1 member, Marked label only characterize the top member in an alternate hierarcy more than Marked excluded from consolidation (~)?
Nope. Marked excluded from consolidation (~) characterizes the top member in an alternate hierarchy
9) During calculation script development, what is the calculation test procedure to be followed?
1. Clear data from the database
2. Load test input data
3. Run the calculation script
4. Audit calculation results
Oracle hyperion enterprise is an advanced management reporting and consolidation system.It handles a wide range of financial management tasks.It has a user-friendly graphical interface.We can use oracle hyperion enterprise to collect, consolidate, analyze and create reports on business information.
Features Of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise:
Oracle hyperion enterprise is a GUI reporting tool. It comprises of the following features :
1) Data entry, loading and retirval
2) Currency translations
3) Intercompany elimination
4) Graphical Organization charts
5) Dynamic organization structures
6) Multiple consolidation paths
7) powerful and flexible report writing
8) Hyperion retrieve to link the hyperion enterprise data to microsoft excel
9) Online User Documentation
Oracle Hyperion Enterprise System Capability :
Oracle hyperion enterprise is s financial management and reporting system from Oracle corporation.Oracle hyperion enterprise system has the following capabilities.
1) Load data or enter data into the base entities
2) Consolidate data along the lines of our organization (segregation depending on the business lines(like finance, marketing, sales an many different domains))
3) Include data and text from anywhere in the organization in our reports
Oracle Essbase Overview:
Oracle Essbase Server is also called as Essbase agent.EAS represents Essbase Administration Services.Essbase has an add-in for Microsoft Excel.Oracle Essbase in supported in platforms including UNIX,Windows,Linux
Oracle Essbase Analytic Server Installation – Prerequisite/Minimum System Requirements :
Recent version of Oracle Essbase is Oracle Essbase Version 9(9.x). For installing oracle essbase server, the following are the prerequisites :
1) Operating systems – Windows 2003 SP1, Windows 2000 SP4(32-bit), Windows 2003SP1(64-bit), Windows Server Enterprise Edition
2) Processor/CPU – x86,Itanium2,x64
3) Disk Space/Hard disk space – 1.2GB(minimum)
4) RAM/Physical Memory requirements – 1.3GB(minimum)
Oracle Essbase Application And Databases :
Oracle has recently acquired essbase hyperion a popular product among the financial community. Essbase databases unlike oracle databases are dimensional databases. In these dimensional databases each dimension represents a business entity. These dimensions are hierarchial.
1) Oracle essbase application can have one or more databases under them.
2) Oracle recommends one-on-one mapping (i.e) one oracle essbase application can have one dependent database.
3) An oracle essbase application without a database is useless. Similarly, a database without an oracle essbase application is not useful.
4) Whenever changes are made to databases like restructuring the databases, the entire application gets locked. So, it is recommended to have one database dependent on an application.
MaxL – Multi-dimensional Database Access Language:
Hyperion command-line utilities are used to administer Essbase hyperion framework from command-line.
Two major tools are
1) MaxL shell – built on perl framework
2) esscmd – interactive and batch mode
MaxL – Multi-dimensional Database Access Language is the script language used to administer Essbase database. It comes in two forms:
1) MaxL DDL (data definition language) is used to perform system administration tasks.
Like Oracle database DDL constructs including create,alter,drop,rename essbase MaxLDDL constructs are used to manipulate database structures.
MaxL DDL includes includes words like CREATE, ALTER,DROP,GRANT,DIAPLAY.
MaxL DML – Data Manipulation language, also called as MDX is used to perform operations like advanced data extraction and querying command like SELECT.
Oracle Essbase – Hyperion Configuration Utility :
Oracle Essbase – Hyperion Configuration Utility is a tool that installs automatically with hyperion products.We use it to set up new products that we install, reconfigure existing products and upgraded products.Configuration involves the following tasks :
1) Product option activation – Select the product features that we are authorized to use in compliance with the licence agreement
2) Relational database configuration – to store and retrieve application data in a database repository
3) Application server deployment – to deploy application automatically or partially to an application server
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