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Early Retirement Financial Independence Strategies Explained in detail

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Meaning of Financial independence, early retirement, happiest life that stays ahead of early retirement is discussed in detail in this course
What will you be able to achieve upon taking this course?
Learn steps to be taken for early retirement and financial independence
Secrets behind money – Money is green because it always grows and Flourishes
Spending audit, check spending patterns, learn strategies to cut down spending
Increase Savings rate – This is little more than cutting down spending
Tools Needed For Increasing Savings Cutting Down Expenses
Start Learning investments from beginning to expert level
Plan retirement as early as possible – 41K, 403b, HSA, FSA, IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401K
Positive affirmations for early retirement
You cant achieve early retirement unless you track it
Net worth explained in simple terms
Envisioning retirement – Know much much you need to get there
Future of healthcare expenses
Food, Shelter. Clothing – Basic needs100% covered for 100 years
Kids Financial Education starts at 18 month old

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Meaning of Financial independence, early retirement, happiest life that stays ahead of early retirement
Relationship between consumer debt, consumer spending patterns, impact of your spending today on saving tomorrow and retire early
Check on your spending today
Open your bank account without any delay. Biggest benefit of automated money growth
Time value of money, compound interest explained in simple terms
Avenues for savings :
Basic needs – Food, Shelter, Clothing
Food – Home made food Vs restaurant food – Look for cheaper ways to cut down costs. Purchase restaurant gift cards at discount websites
Shelter – Housing essentially important – Calculate if renting is better than owning a new house
Clothing – Look for coupons , deals, start with cashback websites
Credit history can be rebuilt from scratch
Cust down cost on transportation, gas, auto maintenance
Personal story – Unnecessarily spent on nj auto inspection.
Eliminate high interest debt
Save on cell phone bills
Save on cable bills
Save on travel by credit card travel hacks
Calculate your current spending per annum, audit and see if you can make some changes
Automation of investments
Investment Strategies for all of us
Cash flows today and tomorrow
Plan properly, Save madly, Retire Early…Retire Early at 30 years old..Anyone can retire in 10 years..No lifestyle comp