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EMC Interview Questions

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EMC storage refers to the various storage products, systems and services from EMC Corporation

The storage technology and related components includes disk, flash and hybrid storage systems and arrays

EMC sells these storage arrays to companies of many different sizes starting from small firms all the way upto enterprises

Being a market leader EMC storage technology had always been hot and is always an in-demand skill

Learn these EMC interview question answers and pass the interview for your storage admin in first attempt

As such in some firms system administrator, DBA’s are also expected to know about storage

Introduction to Storage Networking –SNIA

Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

Networking Attached Storage (NAS)

Storage Area Network (SAN)


RAID concepts & Business Contnuity

Raid type& Business Continuity

What is RPO & RTO

Fiber Channel

Understanding Fiber channel protocol

Fiber channel Layers & Components

Fiber Channel topologies & Addressing

Identify SAN Components

Brocade FC Switches Administrator

Understand the Brocade Switch models

List basic functions and components

Identify Switch capabilities

Installation & Setup

Brocade zoning, Presenting LUN’s

Identify WWN, Port IDs, and Domain IDs

Understand the switch settings

Use Management Tools

Perform GUI configuration

Brocade Switch Administrator

Perform CommandLine configuration

Managing & Troubleshooting Fabrics

Brocade switch Routing & Brocade trunking

Understanding SAN topologist & Upgrade SAN

Introducing to EMC Clariion Series

Understanding Model of EMC storage arrays

Understanding EMC Clarion Features

Clarion CX Architecture

Basic Clarion Management


Utilities to manage CLarion storage system

Structure of Navisphere manager

Create and manage storage objects with Navisphere manager

Managing the storage system

Managing RAID Groups & LUNS

Create and manage storage objects with Navisphere CLI

Managing the storage syatem

Managing RAID Groupd


Lun masking using Access Logix

Metalun and migration of LUN on the clariion

Powerpath management

Cache management

Event Monitor

Navisphere Analyzer

EMC Host Integration

Windows integration

Host to CLARiiON Connectivity

Configure disk for windows fiber channel access

Data alignment procedure

Linux & Solaries integration

Host to switch connectivity

HBA Management

Linux host & CLARiiON requirements

Host to switch connectivity

Configure disk for solaries

Multipathing in Solaries

ESXi integration , Server Partition

ESXi device addressing scheme

CLARiiON ESXi best practice


Overview of EMC powerpath, Configure & Manage Powerpath

Overview of Snapview , Configure and manage snapview

Overview of SANcopy, Configure SAN copy

Overview of Mirrio View, Configure Mirror View