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Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) Interview Questions Answers Preparation

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Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) Interview Questions Answers Preparation. RMAN tool is the oracle supplied  DBA preferred utility to perform database backups of oracle databases across the globe. In this interview question and answer preparation series we have covered this in detail
Why should I purchase this course?
If you are to attend a DBA interview RMAN interview questions will be major part of it as storing data and protecting data are equally important. It is to be noted that many companies end up paying hefty penalties towards dataloss. Henceforth, in many case pay rate of a DBA (or) someone who handles database backups are paid high for this simple reason. We have covered all the latest RMAN features, topics , concepts, ream-time scenarios in full detail. So, it is right time to invest in this product for a brighter future
Whom should purchase this RMAN interview questions? Is this for freshers, middle level DBA (or) Senior DBA?
We have taken into consideration all levels of database administration and you can get your first dba job, make a safe jump at middle level dba, demand more salary as a senior DBA. Vast spectrum of questions will help you sharpen your RMAN knowledge and grab the best opportunity in market
Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager) Interview Questions and answer preparation offers questions covering all topics related to RMAN the backup solution from oracle corporation. The range of questions start with RMAN architecture, RMAN processes, RMAN uses, backup concepts, restore and recovery concepts, problems encountered during backup implementation, maintaining RMAN infrastructure and much more