Save on restaurant bills weekly challenge for next two months

Ive been using Personal Capital to track my personal finances and see that I’ve been spending lot of money in outside food. I’ve given screenshot of my restaurant expenses this year which can be easily and conveniently accessed from within PersonalCapital dashboard

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Based on the above screenshot, you can see that I’ve been spending closer to $160 per month on an average towards my restaurant expenses. This is an outside food that I’m affording to pay each and every month that has very bad effect on my health. So, why should I be spoiling my health spending my hard earned money. This thought made me think about weekly Save Money using personal capital challenge. Here is what I’ll be doing for the next two months
1) Track my restaurant expenses and report the same with my visitors every week
2) Make sure I’m working towards minimizing my restaurant spending
Final Agenda
Being down average restaurant spending per month to 50% of what it is now. That comes around $80 per month. I’m expecting to see $0 towards my restaurant spending expenses in coming months. If you would like to join this challenge, you can sign-up with PersonalCapital 100% FREE. Track your restaurant expenses and see if you can work towards minimizing this expense