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How Do I start Learning Cloud Computing and Developing applications in cloud

Cloud computing has begun ever since Amazon launched its cloud platform EC2 around 2006 and branded its product offering as amazon web services with certification exams at and professional level
Cloud computing is expected to be the next hottest niche from 2010 onwards. So, many developers are interested in learning cloud computing. They are not sure about what software to purchase and how to start with developing applications using cloud.
Given here is our recommendation on how to start with developing applications in cloud. Users may choose their preferred method. is the cloud computing platform from Salesforce
1) Visit
2) is a part of the ecosystem. Salesforce grew as a billion-dollar company with their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution being deployed in cloud. Basic concept being, CRM solution from Salesforce will be deployed in a cloud. Customers can access the reports and track status using their PC and internet
3) Salesforce have comeout with a platform for developers to develop and deploy applications in the cloud. This platform is called as
4) Click on Free in the righthandside
5) Fillup the form and receive a password from them
6) Logonto your email account. Click on the link sent by Rest your password
7) Log onto  using useraccount(email ID) and password
8) Click on Setup link in the upper right corner of the webpage
9) Click on Next
10) Now click on create navigation tab in lefthandside corner of the webpage
11) Click on Apps
12) We have started creating our first cloud application in the platform
Make use of Google App Engine to develop applications in google cloud