Is Training mandate in corporates?

This is a common question among most of the managers in corporates. As a efficient cost cutting measure many organizations look forward their employees to be passionate self-starters and continue as self-learners. So, is it really important for a corporate to offer training to its employees?
Simple answer depends on the nature of job but training is always a motivation element that is often overlooked in corporate world. Here are some interesting reasons why training helps corporates to retain their workforce
1) Once corporates offer training to its employees in latest and hottest technology they gain confidence in their employers and are made to believe that they are anticipating a new project in this training domain that will give them leverage with an handson project. Hence employee retention improves. A simple example would be software developers who are trained in cloud computing technology these days
2) Some corporates make it a culture to send their employees to training for 5 days every year. This is a learning vacation wherein employees learn interesting subject, network among fellow workers whom they havent met for few days, rejuvenate and add value to their job
3) Offering training to employees improve the employer-employee relationship. This is the psycological factor that binds them longer
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